Books: The Astonishing Secrets of Awesome Man by Michael Chabon
Super Hair-o and Barber of Doom by John Rocco
Mighty Max by Harriet Ziefert
Super Red Riding Hood by Claudia Davilo

Activites: Superman, Superman Action Rhyme (from Literary Hoots blog )
Superhero felt board
Craft: Make super hero masks! (template from

Surprise Box: Superhero Mask

How it Went: There are so many superhero books to choose from it was really hard to narrow it down to four! Everyone really liked the Astonishing Secrets of Awesome Man. The kids named our superhero in the action rhyme and feltboard “awesome man”. Mighty max was probably the least favourite. We decorate superhero masks that I cut out of foam sheets with markers and stickers. Next time we’ll do capes too!





Books: Owly & Wormy: Friends All  Aflutter by Andy Runton
Silly Lily and the Four Seasons by Agnes Rosenstiehl
Barry’s Best Buddy by Renee French
Okay, Andy! by Maxwell Eaton III

Activities: Owl draw & tell (from A is for Alligator by Dianne de Las Casas & Marita Gentry)
song: Shake my Sillies out by Raffi
game: simon says
Make comics (from picklebums printables)

How it went: I was pretty excited to do a comic book  storytime especially for some of the kids who haven’t read any comics yet. Everyone was pretty excited and chatting a bunch during the stories so we played simon says instead of the story I had planned.The older kids really enjoyed making their own comics. It was a little hard for some of the younger kids but they still enjoyed colouring.

Other Books: A trip to the Bottom of the World by Frank Viva

Valentine’s Day


Books: Yuck, A Story by Don Gillmor and Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay
Rotten Ralph’s Rotten Romance by Jack Gantos and Illustrated by Nicole Rubel
Franklin’s Valentine by Paulette Bougeois and Illustrated by Brenda Clark

Activities: Six Little Valentines Flannelboard (from sunflower storytime)
Hide-the-object Valentine theme
Craft: Make Valentines

How it Went: I had a bigger group today. Everyone really liked Yuck, A Love Story and Rotten Ralph. Franklin went over so-so. The activities went over well. We made valentines and ate pink valentine sugar cookies. Happy Valentine’s Day!



Books: Big Rabbit’s Bad Mood by Ramona Badescu
100 Things That Make Me Happy by Amy Schwartz
Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

Activities: (song) If you’re happy and you know it
Make-a-face feltboard (from junior programming)
Emotion mix up game (from 733 blog)

How it went: It went really well. I only had enough time to read 3 of the books I had planned because the make-a-face feltboard took a while. I put up 2 faces on the felt board and they took turns making faces. Some of them had a hard time waiting for their turn. (as always!) The emotion mix-up game was good but really similar to the feltboard. If I do an emotion storytime again I’ll maybe try a craft like today I’m feeling….


Other books/activites: Mad at Mommy by Komako Saki
My Friend is Sad by Mo Willems
Can you make a scary face by Jan Thomas
(song) Shake my sillies out